Shutters by G+Z

Quality delivered by master craftsmen for generations.

High quality and longevity has been our claim since 1907. Our shutters are strictly manufactured according to the technical guidelines of the Arbeitskreises deutscher Klappladenhersteller produziert (working group of German shutter manufacturers).

We offer Shutters, Sliding Shutters and Fittings all from a single source - the manufacturer

There are almost no limits to our production. We offer a wide range of both wooden and aluminium shutters, all made to measure. In addition, we offer a large variety of custom shapes and finishes such as; different frame thickness and sizes; rounded or arched corners; adjustable slats; various forms of cutouts; etc...

Our experienced staff will be sure to advise you individually.


Looking for something that is effortless and requires minimal care? Then aluminium is the material for you.

It's easy to maintain and extremely weather resistant. No painting or coating is required and you don't need to worry about it rusting.

Our shutters are only coated once completely assembled, which prevents imperfections and uneven edges from forming.


Wood has proven to be an excellent material for shutter construction for centuries.

It is the ideal natural material for modern window and facade architecture.

Our high quality production, construction and surface treatment allows us to offer you high quality and top of the line wooden shutters.


A socket wrench is all that is needed to mount the fittings to the shutter.

Precise drilling in order to make mounting points is no longer needed.

Our simple and uncomplicated assembly system is a real time saver.


No preliminary work in ETICS is necessary (no assembly blocks, wooden structures, fasternes, etc…)

Allows for absolutely no heat loss.

The most economical and professional solution for combating heat loss.

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